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Mario dropt nieuwe single ‘Drowning’ met VIDEO

Mario dropt nieuwe single ‘Drowning’ met VIDEO

July 22nd, 2018

Maar liefst acht jaar na zijn laatste komt Mario met nieuwe muziek. De R;Let Me Love You’ hitmaker komt nu met ‘Drowning’. “I’m sinking, I’m not swimming. Please stop me from drowning, drowning, drowning / Her tears won’t stop falling and body keeps calling.”

De track zou zijn geinspireerd op zijn eigen liefdesleven. “This song is about being faced with the reality of having multiple women I love for different reasons. One is based on infatuation and lust, and the other is a lingering love connection that has not yet ended. As a man, I’m finding myself drowning in the middle of one’s tears and the flow of sexual attraction to the other. As I share a story about highs, lows, and the grey space in between love and lust, fans can expect to feel reconnected to me.”

R;Drowning’ komt op Mario’s vijfde album ‘Dancing Shadows’ te staan. Het moet dit najaar uitkomen.

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