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Killahronh maakt podcast voor nieuwe rappers

Killahronh maakt podcast voor nieuwe rappers

December 7th, 2013

Rapper (kill-a-ron) is een nieuwkomer in hiphopland. Hij represent de groep ‘The Drodians’, maar heeft nog geen label onder zich.

“Not many artist were making songs that gave you the “new favorite song feeling” of playing it over and over, so I started pressing record for myself. As long as I can listen to my songs on repeat, then I am happy. I realized that everything is about money in this world, and NO ONE has time for anything..not even 3 minutes to listen to a song, especially when there is so much sub-par thrown at everyone, that the REAL unknown artists, that are far better than most of the known ones, don’t even get a chance.”

Killah maakt de DRODIAN PODCAST via zijn website “I created this podcast to showcase and shamelessly promote my music, my groups music ,feature GOOD artists and give them a personality on top of their good music.”

KILLA is op dit moment bezig met zijn eigen ‘I Don’t Sound Like You’. De track ‘POV’ is te horen op Hot Jamz Radio.

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