Zsa Zsa SU!

Zsa Zsa SU!

  • Location:Amsterdam
  • Venue:AFAS Live
  • Time:11:00 pm

Zsa Zsa Su! saturday 14th of March at AFAS Live

(this event was previously planned for November 2019)

After the Festival of 2019 it’s time to continue our story indoor, back to AFAS Live! Amsterdam and Zsa Zsa Su! are always connected and so are our Caribbean roots! This time, once again we will put our focus on bringing out the best Caribbean vibes to Amsterdam.

To re-create the South & Central American vibes here, we have found some genres we want to pay extra attention to. These styles can’t be missed in the Latin American countries: Salsa y bachata! So we partnered up with the biggest expert of Holland in this scene: Salsa Madhouse!

They have toured all over Holland with t

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